What makes Freeman Dance unique?

"Since 1982 thousands of students 
learnt to dance with Freeman Dance"  

★ Completely New Annual Show

Freeman Dance produces a whole school annual show every year at Coventry’s premiere theatre, The Belgrade. Our students perform to a sell-out crowd of 1,736 over 2 nights. Every year we produce a completely new show with brand new choreography, costumes, and music - No recycling of “old favourites”.


★ 100 Freeman Dance Boys

Since 1982, Freeman Dance has actively worked hard to encourge boys into dance. In 2016 FD celebrates having over 100 boys training alongside the girls each week across all subjects. FD Boys are not “just novelties” but some of the strongest, most talented, all round dancers in the city.


★ Outstanding Performance Opportunities

Freeman Dance is unique in the amount of outstanding and prestigious performance opportunities we offer our students. These opportunities range from local events to some of the most highly respected dance events in the UK, West End and abroad.


★ Unparalleled Student Success

Another unique strength of Freeman Dance is our success in preparing students for successful entry and scholarships to the UK’s leading and most prestigious dance colleges. Many FD Graduates go on to dance and perform professionally.


★ 100% Pass Rate

Recognised by the Associated Board of Dance as a 'School of Excellence', Freeman Dance consistently achieve a 100% Pass rate in all technical examinations. Our students are provided with an all round dance training, preparing them for a career in dance should they choose it.


★ Happy Students!

Freeman Dancer’s have been complemented numouress times by industry professionals on their fantastic attitude and genuine love of dance both on and off stage. As well as having high technical dance training, Freeman Dance students have a fantastic time in class and on stage, whether they choose to pursue a career in dance or not.